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Getting all the help you need where and when you need it. Trusted consultant at your disposal, aligned to your business objectives. From your first contact with NarraTree support services, you'll recognize that you're backed by peoples who take personal responsibility for your success with the NarraTree systems.


ERP Support Services

Ensuring that you have reliable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) support when you need it is a key element of our support service offering. Not only that we support our own ERP product, Idempiere ERP, we also had an expertise and can support different ERP applications such as Oracle EBSv12, Epicor 10.x, QAD eB/EE, and Mfgpro.

We offer a number of services to help you make the most of your ERP software investment. You can select product and technical support via phone or email. Training and consultation can be on an as-needed fee for service basis or we can tailor a support program specifically for your organization on a committed contract basis.

We are just a phone away to provide you a complete service. Getting the help, you need where and when you need it. Give yourself a peace of mind having a trusted consultant whom you feel is part of your organization

Support Services list

  • Business Process Modeling /Review / Improvements
  • Product Education / End User Training
  • ERP System Implementations / Re-implementations
  • 3rd party Package Integration
  • System Upgrades / Conversions / Data Migration
  • Merger & Acquisition Business Process Integration
  • System Enhancements / Customizations / Report Writing
  • PROGRESS Programming
  • PROGRESS Database Maintenance
  • Other Databases such as MySQL, PostGres, SQLServer and Oracle
  • UNIX / Linux Technical Support & Server Management
  • QAD and Mfgpro Applications Support
  • EPICOR Application Support
  • Oracle EBS Application Support
  • Bar Coding and Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Azure Infrastructure

Effectively Manage Your ERP System

Your ability to innovate depends on an active partnership to help you migrate, manage and modernize—so you can focus on the important things. At NarraTree, we’ll help you with enhancements and application support strategies to maximize your application use and drive bottom-line value. With our continuous improvement practices, you’ll increase performance speeds while reducing risks and costs, and saving precious time.

Why outsource with NarraTree Consulting services?

Using our managed services, you get proactive management, first-rate response times, and industry knowledge to optimize your ERP environment. We’re here to help preclude, discover and resolve risks before they become problems.

Helpdesk Support

NarraTree Consulting offers global Helpdesk Support via telephone, email and chat. Our skilled support team will help resolve any functional and technical problem, giving you a clear and simple solution.

On-Site Support

On-site support is ideal when implementing new features or new solutions, or for users who will be taking on new roles and tasks.

Forums and Community support

A number of active on-line forums are available for you to engage in various discussions about the product.


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