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NarraTree Consulting (S) Pte Ltd. is an information technology solutions provider serving businesses. We provides strategic advice on using technology to achieve goals.

At NarraTree, we take a high-level view of an organization’s problems, identify areas that can be improved and make recommendations in the most effective ways possible.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the backbone of our company culture and how we aspire to do business every day.

One Team - We are open-minded in pursuit of the best ideas. We share our skills and experience to become one team.

Integrity - There is no more important than our reputation, and acting with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are.

Inclusion - Embrace the people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Cultivate differing perspectives to make better decisions.

Mistakes is a learning process - Be curious, ask for help, own and learn from mistakes and exhibit the ability to grow. Bring positiveness to work

Mission and Vision

Mission - Our mission is to exceed expectations in providing excellent service to our clients, deliver outstanding value to enable people and companies realize their potential.

Vision - To be recognised as a key Asia Pacific provider of strategic technology and transformation consulting for the development and execution of strategic business initiative across Asia Pacific region. To become a recognised specialist in our sectors of expertise.

Our People - We believe that our most important asset is our client reputation and the key to building that reputation lies with each and every employee.


Meet Our Management Team

Management you can count on

At NarraTree, we think outside the box of what is possible in terms of  information technology,  digital transformation.     We constantly challenge ourselves to do more for our clients. Throughout the years, that has led to us seeing a level of growth and success.

We know we are only as good as the people who compose our team.

We are proud to employ the hardest working, and most dedicated people in technology consulting, and we know that you will love working with them as much as we do. Pride matters. Our proud employees are more engaged, more satisfied, more committed, and stay longer. In return we will continually look for ways to make them feel as proud of our organization.

Maricar Dinglasan

Chief Executive Officer

NarraTree is the result of Maricar's vision. Its continued success is the result of his passion. “Technology has never failed to amaze me. The most attractive aspect of technology is problem-solving. Problem-solving is a challenge I have always loved. The potential of where we could be in terms of technology in 30 years captivates me, and it’s exciting to know that being involved in technology allows me to take my career in this direction.”

Maricar has more than 30 years in information technology acquired through working with fortune 500 companies such as Accenture, Schlumberger, PPG Aerospace, Eaton Aerospace, Acer Computer, Unilever, Gemalto (now part of Thales), Riyadh Cables, Almarai, and many more.

From the beginning, Maricar’s dedication and leadership have provided the driving force behind Narratree Consulting and its foundation.

She had created a team-oriented environment where employees are passionate about what they do, work cohesively with one another, and thrive under the challenges of building and maintaining a successful business in today’s economic climate.

Maricar has completed his computer education in the Philippines and acquired his Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration at Aventis School of Management in Singapore.

She had acquired various certifications on Business Process Management Master (BPMm) and Reengineering (BPR), Portfolio, Programme, and Project Office (P3O), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) at System Science Institute of National University of Singapore (NUS).

She is a Subject Matter Expert in Enterprise Resource Planning, and Business Process Management and Reengineering.

Maricar's Other Passion: Playing Tennis with friends

Maricar's hopeful and enthusiastic spirit is well-matched to the sport of Tennis. "Tennis is something that I enjoyed immensely. I had great passion for it as a leisure game. It was a form of exercise to be healthy, both physically and emotionally that I could never substitute. Although I just doing it for fun, I like the feeling of playing with friends and to know more people through Tennis."

Community Involvement

Maricar has strong ties to the community in Singapore since he migrated in year 2000, and is involved in various activities. He was actively participated in the Philippine embassy meetings with other community leaders to share ideas and involve in community programs.

In 2005, She was a volunteer school principal in Novena Church community (NFC). One of the NFC programs was to train the multi-cultural migrants of different levels of skills development like international cooking and baking, aromatherapy, nursing-aides, computer literacy, dress-making and tailoring, etc.

NFC is an organization in Singapore that teaches work permit holders to have a meaningful sundays acquiring skills that will improve their services to their respective households. Maricar has also acted as a mentor for volunteer teachers, using his own experience to help them in the pursuit of their goals.

Jovito Chavez

Cloud Services Adviser

Jovito's Other Passion:

Community Involvement

Lichard Baliuag

Infrastructure Architecture Adviser

Lichard's Other Passion:

Community Involvement

Grace Janiola Almaza

Financial Consultant

Grace Janiola Almaza is a Certified Public Accountant who has years of experience in auditing field with Punongbayan and Araulio.

She graduated from Ateneo De Manila University in Davao City with the Degree of Accountancy and had passed the licensure examination in Certified Public Accountant to become a CPA.

Grace joined NarraTree Consulting as ERP Financial Consultant. From the start, Grace dedication and expertise in financial and taxation aspect of business had shown her dependability and leadership provided the dynamic influence behind the steady phase of ERP project execution.

Grace's Other Passion: Enjoing life with family and our kids

Despite of the modern life that is usually hectic and extremely busy, Grace spends most of her time with her kids at the end of frenetic weekdays and weekends. Spending quality time with them is important to her. They either go sometimes to the beach to have fun or during this pandemic time, just playing indoor games at home. "I tend to think that spending time with family is the best and wisest investment you can make".

Community Involvement

With our world now soaked in the midst of the pandemic, Grace is actively working with her neighborhood in cooperation with community officials to set-up community pantry to help those who are affected the most. She has also volunteered in helping packing relief goods to be given to their community.

"If there is one thing that I’ve done better than anything else in making NarraTree Consulting what it is today, it would be getting in individuals who share the passion I have about Information Technology, how it simplify the world we live in, for our partners and Clients, and providing above and beyond their expectations. I strongly trust that we have the finest group of people working here. Together as a team, we rally around delivering the best support, hearing good testaments from our clients, and knowing that we make a difference in their business by doing our job so well."

"I joined NarraTree because of our focus on developing the best technology and advertising solutions in the world and our intense focus on delivering the absolute best client experience."

"I’m extremely passionate about two things in business: culture and execution. You never see a great business that doesn’t have those two things nailed: awesome culture and a fanatical commitment to execution."

"I’m extremely passionate about two things in business: culture and execution. You never see a great business that doesn’t have those two things nailed: awesome culture and a fanatical commitment to execution."

Partnering Opportunities

To partner with NarraTree Consulting means, entering into a mutually beneficial agreement to bring industry-leading solutions to the marketplace and implementing these quickly and cost effectively to address the needs of small, midsize, and large enterprises equally.


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