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Process Transformation Your First Step To Success

NarraTree’s Business Process Management uses Business Process Reengineering and/or Business Process Improvement services. These processes are the first step in implementing the best fit enterprise software to guide you along your ultimate business process transformation.

For today’s enterprise (whatever your industry is), improving productivity is about improving business processes. NarraTree Business Process Management (BPM) services focus on understanding your processes and business requirements, and identifying areas of improvement based on best practices with a track record of reducing process waste.

Our service area provides you with a roadmap to:

  • Streamline processes and improve over-all productivity
  • Efficient application of resources
  • Optimum decision-making based on available data

Step-by-Step Business Process Transformation

Transforming your business processes requires generating an idea of the future state (“to-be”) from your current state(“as-is”) – and on to defining the corporate value for the project.

If completed accurately, this groundwork will establish alignment of opportunities with organization, improve the efficiency of your team, eradicate unwanted process, and trim down the time to benefit for your project.


  • Project Organization
  • Current State (“AS-IS”) Analysis
  • Future State (“TO-BE”) Opportunity
  • Business Case
  • Project Charter and Roadmap

Project Organization

A successful business process transformation project requires an organization of business process owners (also called Key stakeholders). With this team of business process owners, we determine the project scope, objectives, and metrics for the engagement.

Our team will ensure all participants in your project are in alignment and have a common understanding of these focus areas. Next, we will guide you through four project initiation steps.

Current State (“AS-IS”) Analysis

Analyzing your current state requires gathering key performance metrics and their value. Examples include productivity, quality, overtime, inventory, and others.

Another integral part of any current state analysis is business process mapping Depending on your industry, these can include processes like Quote to Cash, Procure to Pay, Finance process, Plan to Manufacture, etc. NarraTree will help you create these end-to-end maps at a functional level.

By visually engaging in this business process documentation, it becomes very easy for the team to identify waste and unneeded data and processes. These current state problems are documented as opportunities to be addressed in the future state.

Future State (“TO-BE”) Opportunity

The NarraTree team will facilitate several conference room pilot (CRP) with your project team to develop your future state vision. These CRP will be organized by business process flow, and will help you identify the gaps between the current state (“as-is”) and your future state (“to-be”) taking into account the industry best practices to effectively design the future state of your business processes.

CRP will serve to identify areas where you can eliminate waste and improve your business productivity. As the design of the future state becomes clear, NarraTree will lead your team to define and quantify the benefits that can be realized from the future state. This analytical action feeds into the development of key documents that articulate the business driver and value of transformation to the enterprise.

Business Case

The business case is your main project driver and the root justification for your project. It is a compilation of your pain points and hindrances that will be addressed to achieve the business value that are the goals we strive to achieve in the Benefits Realization phase.

The future state vision you developed is taken and translated into a credible business case. NarraTree Consulting will work with each of your process owners (Key stakeholders) to develop a business case for his/her domain of responsibility with assignments they can surely achieve. The business case for change is crucial because it is used at every major milestone to validate decisions and actions are aligned with attaining project expectations.

Project Charter and Roadmap

With the information that has been created in the future state (“to-be”) phase, the team can create the first draft of the project charter. NarraTree will lead the team through the development of a project roadmap which defines the deployment strategy for the process transformation.


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